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For Sale By Owner

Why pay a traditional commission which is normally 7% of the selling price of your home? By using Sellers Realty’s Exclusive Agency Listing, you can continue to sell your home on your own. You save as much as 3% commission that you would have to pay the buyers agent, should you find your own buyer. In addition, your home is marketed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and, gaining maximum exposure to agents for a faster sale. By combining our unique listing agreement with our low commissions, Sellers Realty will save you significant money, no matter who brings you a buyer.

How our commissions save you money

Home PriceTypical Broker Listing**Sellers Realty lists and markets your home *Sellers Realty lists (another agent finds buyer) *Sellers Realty lists home and finds buyer *Sellers Realty lists home. (You find buyer)
* Exclusive Agency Listing ** Exclusive Right to Sell Listing


If you choose, Sellers Realty will list and market your home through our Exclusive Right to Sell agreement. We handle all showings of your home, yard signs, lockbox and give your home a superior marketing presence on the Internet and MLS.

Discount commissions can close the deal

Homes sell in any market, if they are priced right. If your home is not selling, you can reduce your listing price, but not your profit. Our affordable commissions enable home owners to list the property so it will sell because you are not paying high commissions. Most realtors know that when negotiations get tough, a price drop of just one or two thousand dollars can close the deal on your home. Our low commission rates give you the flexibility to price your home to sell, without costing you money.

The Internet: The future of home sales

With internet sites providing a wealth of information, today’s home buyers and sellers are much more knowledgeable than ever. In today’s digital world, your potential home buyer is spending his or her time on the internet searching for the exact match they need and not reading newspapers, flyers, or TV commercials. The most effective tool for the sale of a home is through the MLS and That’s the secret most full commission agents don’t want you to know….but we do. Sellers Realty offers sellers the least expensive option for maximum exposure and best results.